10 Things Never Should Leave In Your Car In The Summer

Meteorologists say that if the outside temperature is +30 ° C, then inside the machine it quickly reaches +60 ° C, that is, it rises at least 2 times. Studies were also conducted at Stanford Medical University, during which it was proved that already in the first 30 minutes the temperature inside a car parked in the sun rises by 80%. It’s easy to imagine how much damage this kind of heat can cause to everyday household items, given how hot the same chairs or dashboard get.

Be Best Friends decided to figure out what things are better not to leave in a car in hot weather and what it is fraught with.

10. Banks with soda

10 Things Never Should Leave In Your Car In The Summer
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In addition to the fact that after shaking in a car, soda under pressure splashes and smudges everything around, there are many documented cases of can explosion. It is quite difficult to wash the car interior from sweet spots, so it is better to rid yourself of such problems in advance.

9. Medicines

10 Things Never Should Leave In Your Car In The Summer

In the instructions for medicines, as a rule, it is always prescribed at what temperature they should be stored. And if some drugs, such as antibiotics, are preferably kept in the refrigerator, then most other everyday drugs should at least not be exposed to temperatures above +25 ° C. According to experts, the heat is unlikely to make your pills harmful, but they will almost certainly become less effective.

8. Lighters

10 Things Never Should Leave In Your Car In The Summer
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Warning labels on lighters state that they must not be exposed to high temperatures and left in the sun for a long time. And there is a reason for this. As we already found out, the temperature in the car can be quite high, and this can lead to an explosion of the lighter. People talk about the many unpleasant consequences of such an event: fragments of plastic throughout the cabin, burnt places on the seats (if the item was lying on an armchair) and scratched glass. And this is only in the best case.

7. Sunscreens

10 Things Never Should Leave In Your Car In The Summer

Oddly enough, but funds designed to protect our skin from hot sunlight, suffer from them no less. The components contained in sunscreens break down at elevated temperatures. In the best case, their effectiveness decreases, in the worst – the bottles can explode, leaving hard to remove greasy stains. It is best to store such products at temperatures not exceeding +25 ° C, while in a car parked near the beach, the temperature can reach +50 ° C.

6. Sunglasses

10 Things Never Should Leave In Your Car In The Summer
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In addition to the obvious inconveniences like a hot frame, which can burn and cause discomfort, you should not leave glasses on the panel also because the frame can be deformed, and the lenses may burn out. Moreover, according to the American Optometric Association, lenses can attract sunlight like a magnifying glass, and we all know where this can lead.

5. Bottled drinking water

10 Things Never Should Leave In Your Car In The Summer

Studies in this regard give mixed answers. On the one hand, it has been proven that at elevated temperatures BPA (bisphenol A) is released into the water. On the other hand, it is claimed that in small doses, this chemical does not harm health. The greater risk is the water that you have already opened, drank and left in a heated machine, since the bacteria that get into the bottle will multiply under the influence of high temperatures, and the subsequent use of such water can lead to serious problems.

4. Wine

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If you are going to buy a bottle of wine for dinner, it is better to do it in the evening after work, and not in advance. The fact is that with strong heating, the taste of the wine is greatly distorted, and in general there is a risk that the liquid will push out the cork and spill out. Moreover, studies have shown that excessive heat exposure can lead to the formation of ethyl carbamate (EU), a carcinogen, that negatively affects human health.

3. Smartphones and other electrical appliances

As you know, smartphones and other electronics tend to overheat from use even at normal temperatures. So the negative effect of high outside temperatures is by no means a surprise. In particular, artificial overheating of devices running on batteries will not only shorten the life of the battery itself, but can also harm other elements – a touch screen, a plastic cover and glue that connects all the parts together.

2. Aerosol cans

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This applies to any derivatives – deodorant, paint, hair spray and so on. This item sometimes causes controversy, and yet, according to experts, as soon as the temperature reaches about +48 ° C, the pressure inside the can will increase enough to make a real explosion. And this is not surprising, because it’s not a secret to anyone that hair sprays are used in games with fire, which means that we are certainly dealing with a flammable product.

1. Mount-suction cup on glass

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The examples listed above show that sunny and hot weather forces you to be careful with almost any thing. As a final example, small, but no less important, we can cite a seemingly harmless, at first glance, suction cup holder on glass.

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It turns out that leaving this item on the car window, you can not only set fire to and spoil the upholstery, but also make a real fire. This is explained by the fact that the sun’s rays are refracted, as is the case with a magnifying glass, and as a result, what happens can be seen in the photo above. Be carefull!

Bonus: children and animals

  • It seems commonplace to mention this, but, unfortunately, many people still treat the fact of the danger of high temperatures negligently and still risk leaving children and animals in parked cars.
  • For example, in 2014, Dog Trust conducted a study that showed that every 10th person is in a situation when he notices a choking dog in a heated car interior. Only 20 minutes is enough to cause irreparable harm to the health of the pet.
  • With children, the situation is also disappointing. +46 ° C – this is the very value of the temperature, after which the health of the child’s body is fatally threatened, irreversible changes occur, the consequences of which can spread to the point of death.

It is worth remembering that open windows will only slow down the heating of the cabin, but will not stop it, as well as parking in the shade. Be more attentive to your favorite pets and children.

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