10 Things Skaters Don’t Talk About In Interviews

The word “skates” appeared in the XVII century. The first skates were wooden, they were decorated with figures of horses that supposedly drove their master. So this subject got its name. Since then, many changes have taken place in figure skating, and today this sport is one of the most spectacular and beloved by the public.

We at Be Best Friends know that being a professional athlete is very difficult and even dangerous. But these 10 curious facts about figure skating fascinated us.

1. Figure skaters “buy” partners for pair dancing

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews

There are about 100 figure skaters per male figure skater. Therefore, the search for a partner sometimes turns into a real hunt. Girls are ready for a lot to get a couple. So, some offer male athletes to pay their training and equipment costs, which can reach impressive amounts.

2. Skaters suppress dizziness

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews
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Athletes perform complex elements by bending over and throwing their head back. In an ordinary person who has taken such a position, reflexes will work, and the body will begin to move forward. In figure skaters, according to researchers, new neurons are formed in the cerebellum that do not allow such an organism reaction.

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews
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Multiple rotations around its axis do not seem to cause any discomfort for athletes. In fact, they are still dizzy, but not so strong. When an ordinary person spins and stops, his brain thinks that the movement is still lasting. The thing is that part of the vestibular apparatus is located in the inner ear and is filled with fluid. Even when we stop spinning, the fluid continues to move by inertia, misleading the brain and causing dizziness. Skaters, over the years of practice, have developed the ability to suppress this reflex. Much also depends on the direction of the gaze. Finishing the rotation, the athletes try to focus their eyes at one point. In order to learn how to move their eyes correctly, skaters specially train.

3. For the wrong outfit reduce points

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews

In serious competitions, you will not see separate women’s costumes. A dress or jumpsuit is allowed, because naked bellies are prohibited by rules in performances. For non-compliance, their skater may even lose a few points. In addition, the athlete’s dress should not be defiant and overly frank. This applies to the neckline (by the way, a deep neckline on the chest is also unacceptable for men), to the length and shape of the skirt. In 1988, the athlete Katarina Witt confused the judges with her outfit, which they considered too theatrical and open. After that, a new rule was approved, which was called “Katarina’s rule”: according to it, the skater’s skirt should cover her hips and crotch.

4. A part that has fallen off a suit can become fatal

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews

In this case, the suit, of course, should be beautiful and bright. Usually, women’s and men’s outfits are decorated with beads, sequins or rhinestones. But even such subtleties are strictly regulated by the rules: all such elements need to be fixed securely. Any loose button or paillette can cost an athlete several points, because even such a small thing on ice can complicate the performance of competitors. That is why it is extremely rare for skaters to choose outfits with feathers or fringe. For the same reasons, they refuse various accessories and hairpins.

5. Mandatory classes in ballet and gymnastics

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews

Training skaters are not only on ice. A huge amount of time is devoted to ballet and gymnastics. Because it is with these areas that figure skating is inextricably linked. In addition, some coaches insist that their wards do yoga and Pilates.

6. You can’t jump a lot in competitions

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews
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It seems that the skater can complete more jumps and earn high points. But the rules allow only 7 elements in the air. There are also permitted and forbidden somersaults, which is why athletes are severely limited here.

7. Gloves are needed not only for beauty

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews
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This element is usually part of the look and complements the costume. But gloves also have practical applications: they protect the hands of athletes from cuts and wounds if you have to touch the ice with your hand.

8. It is impossible to execute elements lying

10 Things Skaters Don't Talk About In Interviews

Skaters can not rest on the hand after the jump, as well as end elements in the rack on two knees. In addition, at official competitions it is forbidden to crawl on the ice and lie on it. Previously, there were no such rules and athletes could give vent to imagination.

9. Not only soft toys are thrown onto the ice

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Previously, fans gave their favorite athletes flowers. However, the crumbling petals became a real disaster: they covered most of the ice and had to spend a lot of time to clear it. Then, resourceful fans switched to soft toys. However, even now on the ice you can see bouquets wrapped in bags or film, and other gifts. For example, in 2015, the figure skater Gracie Gold received a huge teddy bear, and in his backpack lay peanut butter.

10. Figure skaters have to carefully choose underwear

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Performing such elements, the skater must be sure that her costume will not move anywhere. Therefore, the convenience of the bottom of the outfit is a very delicate topic, which pays a lot of attention. Athletes carefully select underwear, the presence or absence of which should not be revealed in any way. A swimsuit, as a rule, is sewn to tights. For a more reliable fixation of tights, some skaters use hair spray.

Do you like figure skating? Do you know any other interesting facts about this sport?

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