11 Things To Save On Can Be Waste of Money, Time and Nerves

The desire for savings is commendable: you can save up for a trip, new housing or another dream. But sometimes attempts to cut spending can turn out to be a complete failure: some things that you save on today will lead to even greater costs in the future.

At Be Best Friends, we support the principles of reasonable economy, so we studied all kinds of sources and compiled a list of things you can safely spend more money on and not regret it.

Free makeup at malls

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Make-up artists during such actions are focused on the sale, and not on the quality of the applied makeup. They expect that after the make-up you immediately buy something from the proposed funds – at least as a thank you. It is impolite to leave in this case without a purchase. At the same time, the flow of customers who want to get an image for free is quite large, so they won’t spend as much time on you as a makeup artist would need in a regular salon.

In addition, such masters are forced to serve people without a break, so you can not be sure that the brushes change every time or at least disinfect. For the sake of entertainment or before buying, you can try such a make-up, but for important events it is better to trust a professional in a familiar beauty salon.


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A handbag is more than just an accessory: it is an indicator of the status and taste of its owner. A cheap bag can ruin even the most stylish look, and with it the overall impression of a woman. In addition, products made of rough leatherette crack in the cold, quickly wipe and lose their appearance, and a cheap lining breaks, so these bags have to be changed every season. At the same time, an expensive and high-quality handbag can be actively worn for several years.

Hairdressing and hair cosmetics

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If a haircut can still be entrusted to an inexpensive salon, then complex dyeing is best done in studios with a higher class. The cost of dyeing is more dependent on the price and quality of the dye: the cheaper the paint, the faster the color is washed off. In addition, cheap dye affects the condition of the hair worse, and the colors after applying such compounds leave much to be desired. If you do not want to overpay, find out from the master what paint he uses, and then look at the rating of this dye and reviews on it on the Internet.

Another important aspect of care is a means to maintain elasticity, health and shine. Professional masks, oils and creams help against cross-section and brittleness, but it is better to buy them in specialized stores – there are much more chemistry than useful substances in the means of the mass market of chemistry.

Hair Dryer

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The more expensive the hair dryer, the more functions it has: high-quality devices have several temperature drying modes, a diffuser nozzle for quick styling and a heat-resistant casing. A cheap hair dryer, as a rule, heats up quickly and dries hair with either hot or very hot air. The inevitable result of using such a hairdryer will be brittle, weak, split ends.

Work clothes

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Wearing cheap and low-quality clothes is not very pleasant in principle, but it is even more unpleasant to go to work at work every day for 8 hours. Synthetic and tough fabrics irritate the skin, absorb the smell of sweat, collect fine dirt and crumple very quickly. In addition, uncomfortable clothes make it difficult to concentrate on work, makes you nervous, angry and mistaken.

Therefore, even if your dress code implies only strict suits with white shirts that need to be changed 3 times a week, it is better not to skimp and purchase a few decent sets. They will last much longer than cheap ones, and it will be much more pleasant for you to be in the office and, in addition, it will be easier to make a pleasant impression on the leaders.

Wall paint

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In the case of the purchase of such paint, you will notice its main drawback during the repair: the cheap composition will have to be applied in at least 2 layers, so the paint consumption will be several times higher than that of an expensive product.

High-quality paint can be applied in one dense layer, it is less sprayed and almost does not stain the floor, walls and clothes when applied. In addition, the expensive composition does not crack, even if there are differences in temperature and humidity in the room.

Fixed Rate Phones

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Many mobile operators offer to buy smartphones from them with attractive interest-free installments. The main condition for the purchase is to purchase a phone along with a tariff plan, which you should not change for several months or even years. And in most cases, such a tariff will be one of the most disadvantageous: small packages of services at a high price, which may increase again in the future. It turns out that you do not pay interest on installments, but you overpay for an inconvenient tariff and somehow lose money.

Supermarket Bicycles

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It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive models, especially if you plan to ride just a couple of times a week: decent enough bikes for traveling around the city can be purchased at a specialty store at a price of $ 350. But here, bicycles at a very low price in cheap hypermarkets are most likely disappoint: such models are often assembled haphazardly from the cheapest parts and will start to break after a couple of rentals. In addition, such bicycles weigh too much – it is inconvenient to ride them.


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And in particular this applies to those people who pay a lot of money for high-speed Internet at home. Even if the provider provides you with just such a fast connection, a weak or old router simply can not cope with such speeds.

Check with your provider what the connection speed should be on your tariff, and then read the user manual for your router. If the device cannot handle such speeds, it is better to purchase a new router: faster models will cost more, but they will save your time and nerves, especially if you work from home.

Repair and computer accessories

And it’s not worth saving on the computer itself: high-quality models work faster and break much less often – the price of the device is more dependent on the “filling”. But, if something is broken, and the warranty period has already expired, it is better to contact the manufacturer’s official service center or a trusted computer repair technician anyway.

There are frequent cases when unscrupulous specialists in the workshops exchange failed factory parts for cheap fakes. And sometimes such masters simply open the computer case, and then close it back, pretending that everything was repaired.

Phone Chargers

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It often happens that the phone goes through its factory charger for a long time – you have to buy a new one. At the same time, some manufacturers offer to buy an original charger for $ 474.82 or even more – the desire to save money and to buy an accessory is simpler in this case is quite justified. But just with a new charger, you probably have to buy a new phone: poor-quality chargers can cause a short circuit, ruin the battery, or even burn a smartphone.

What things do you always save on? What do you think is really worth spending more money on, and what can you do without?

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