13 Recipes of Happiness From Different Countries Will Help Start New Life

13 Recipes of Happiness From Different Countries – If we talk about the differences between countries, the first to come to mind are not only languages and currencies, but also culture. And it is she who determines the values of a particular nation and the picture of the world, which, in turn, affects what people need for a harmonious and happy life.

We at Be Best Friends learned which recipes of happiness that each of you can begin to apply now exist in different parts of the world.

1. Italy

13 Recipes of Happiness From Different Countries Will Help Start New Life

The desire of Italians to dress stylishly, make a good impression and take from life all formed the basis of their national philosophy of happiness called bella figura. Literally, this phrase can be translated as “beautiful view.” To experience happiness in Italian, relish moments of life: going for a walk, explore the world around you; enjoy every piece of food; Choosing what to wear, slowly think through the image down to the smallest detail.

2. Ireland

Irish people are companionable people, for them a sense of community and involvement is important. The feeling that you are not alone in the country of the Celts is called the short word “kreik”. If you want to feel like a happy Irishman, go with your friends to a football match or arrange gatherings with songs with a guitar.

3. India

13 Recipes of Happiness From Different Countries Will Help Start New Life

In India, they value qualities such as flexibility and resourcefulness. Local residents are able to look at old things from an unusual angle, so it’s not a problem for them to make something absolutely amazing from improvised materials, and “cooking porridge from an ax” is always a feasible task for Indians. Of course, partly it happened because of life in cramped conditions, but such know-how will be useful to any person. To become happy in Indian style, try to find non-standard solutions when faced with complex tasks at work or in creativity.

4. Turkey

Turkey appreciates slowness and serenity. “Keyif” is the word used here to describe happiness, and it can be translated as “easy passion for the bliss.” To get closer to the Turkish sense of harmony, you can, without rushing anywhere, take a walk along the seashore or sit on the balcony with a cup of coffee.

5. Sweden

13 Recipes of Happiness From Different Countries Will Help Start New Life

Swedes strive for minimalism and informed consumption. The best idea of a happy life is described by the phrase “not too much, not too little, but just right.” It is not so difficult to achieve Swedish happiness: it is enough to have a modest wardrobe and not part with the same clothes for several seasons; equipping an apartment, buy only the most necessary and functional interior items; and also eat simple and wholesome foods.

6. Japan

The Japanese love of naturalness gave rise to a philosophy of happiness called Wabi Sabi. Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun are very kind to old furniture and cracked utensils and do not recognize artificially aged utensils and interior items. And the idea that perfection lies in imperfection was expressed in Kintsugi – the art of restoration: just as scars emphasize a person’s individuality, so cracks on dishes make it unique and special. To feel involved in Japanese happiness, it is enough to glue the broken vase and stop masking scratches and peeling paint on a battered wooden table.

7. Scotland

Scots value their culture. They enjoy walking around medieval castles and tasting food prepared according to folk recipes, passed down from generation to generation. If you want to experience happiness in the Scottish way, travel more around your home country, getting acquainted with its traditions and customs in detail.

8. Switzerland

The Swiss have a whole ideology associated with a sense of happiness, and it is named after tennis player Roger Federer. This philosophy has the sonorous name of “Federerism.” In the country of alpine meadows, accuracy, order and enterprise are primarily valued. According to the inhabitants of Switzerland, to be happy, you need to achieve success. If achieving goals in your work and hobby brings you pleasure, you can proudly call yourself a Federer.

9. Denmark

Although Danish residents cannot be called desperate workaholics, they have developed a special attitude towards work. In Danish there is even a special word – arbejdsglæde, which can be used to characterize the happiness and joy of work, as well as self-awareness as a good employee. To experience these feelings, you should not treat work as a routine and perceive yourself as a valuable employee whose contribution to the development of the company is really important.

10. Hawaii

13 Recipes of Happiness From Different Countries Will Help Start New Life

In Hawaii, it has long been customary to live together and together, respecting each other and treating the closest circle with warmth. For locals, being happy is first and foremost giving away. To experience the feelings they know, do things that bring joy not only to you, but also to your friends and family.

11. Norway

13 Recipes of Happiness From Different Countries Will Help Start New Life

Norwegians value coziness and warmth very highly. For them, a party is unthinkable without woolen rugs and knitted socks. And to warm themselves from the inside, the inhabitants of the country of fjords and Vikings drink cocoa. The desire for such a comfortable stay is denoted by the word “goat“. As you might guess, achieving Norwegian happiness is not at all difficult: you should stock up on attributes that create a homely atmosphere and arrange a holiday for family and friends.

12. Uganda

Surely you remember the funny song “Akuna Matata” from the popular cartoon about Timon and Pumbaa. This phrase, translated as “no problem,” underlies the philosophy of happiness of the people of Uganda. In this African country, the desire to “forget worries and keep the tail pipe” is a kind of motto. To get closer to this positive feeling, you should laugh at least once every 2 hours and scare away negative thoughts with funny dances.

13. France

The French are used to living on the principle of “less and slower.” Here they like to devote time to contemplation and not to try to catch everything all at once. If romantic France is close to you, you may be able to find happiness in a serene pastime. Set aside all things, order a croissant and a cup of coffee in a cafe and explore the landscape outside the window. Less often go to hypermarkets and do not load yourself with heavy bags. Better buy the necessities in small shops.

And what do you personally need for happiness?

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