13 User Stories About Situations On The Roads Not Prepared For Driving School

Getting a driver’s license, you become part of a completely different world with your own rules and laws. You need to know how to park correctly, who to let forward, and even how to thank the headlights of the driver who gave you the way. But sometimes there are situations that are not written in the collection of traffic rules.

Be Best Friends shares with you a selection of stories from drivers who have long remembered their day behind the wheel.

  • My ex-husband and his sister traveled across the country for about 48 hours. They switched places somewhere in the west. When his sister got behind the wheel, she drove in the wrong direction for 2 hours before he woke up and found it. © Laura Williams-May / Quora
  • Winter. I was 10 years old, dad taught me to drive a car. We left the garages past the railway track. Dad yells to me: “Slow down! Slow down! ”Well, I slow myself down slowly, as it should. In the end, he was completely angry: “If I tell you:“ Brake ”, you must immediately press the pedal! Suddenly there is danger, and you are so slow ?! ”As a result, he himself got behind the wheel and almost turned gray: it turns out that we had brakes in the car. © Overheard
  • Remember these stupid romantic comedies where a girl gets hit by a car, then a charming driver comes out, offers her help, they fall in love and live happily all their lives? So, I always thought that this was one of the most crazy scenarios, until such a story happened to me. True, it was not me who was driving, but my future wife, who almost knocked me over at the crossing. As a result, we went together to the emergency room, and there was coffee, medical insurance … In short, it spun around with us. © mimiBritty / Reddit
© The Wedding Planner / Intermedia  
  • The story of the father. “We were at a party, I drank a little. Mom, respectively, is behind the wheel (and the driver is like this: sits every five years; vision minus 100, with glasses, of course, so she’s afraid of everything; drives in the most exceptional cases). We went to the Moscow Ring Road, and something ruined me. Then go straight for a long time, and I say to her: “Hold on to that black jeep” – and passed out. After some time I wake up: sitting, almost forehead plunging into his lobovuha, looking forward intensely, clutching the steering wheel, his hands turned white. “130 on the speedometer, and the same jeep is trying to tear it away in zigzags.” © Chelsea72 / Pikabu
  • Winter. Food on the Niva, wild ice. Towards the patrol traffic police: emergency lights, “Stop!”, All things. I stop, go out, and my feet fly away on ice under the door. I grab the handle, and it comes off. I lay with my head resting on the ledge, yelling all over the street, swearing. The gleam of the policemen’s eyes lit up the street like thousands of lamps the moment they ran to my car. After making sure that I was sober and I hate them at that moment, they said: “Well, you … would be more careful to go out on ice”. © Olegbestkrd / Pikabu
  • Once I drove a woman. She told the story of how she and her husband were going to the airport and called a taxi. They got into the car, the husband said: “At Sheremetyevo.” The time was later, so they dozed off both. Awakens their carrier, says: “Arrived.” They are watching, and outside the windows is a forest. They ask: “Where is the airport?” And she drove this: “Which airport?” You did not say what was needed there. Here is the village of Sheremetyevo, Tula region. ” As the husband of that woman did not kill this carrier, it still remains a mystery. © Overheard
  • About 8 years ago I worked in a taxi at night on weekends. Nissan Cefiro, right-hand drive. I drive up to the nightclub very slowly, looking for a place to get up, ahead of a guy and two girls walking along the road. About 10 meters from them stopped. My door opens, the girl asks: “Have you just arrived or are leaving?” In my head the thought: “What kind of dumb? Well, I stopped before your eyes. ” Dialog: – “Actually, I just arrived.” – Well, get out faster. – And why is that? – Yes, because I was cold. Then it dawned on me: maybe she sees the steering wheel, but doesn’t understand what’s the matter. I went out. I say: “Please.” She sits down, turns her head to the left … They laughed all the way, while I drove them home. © Doctorcaxa / Pikabu
  • Once, in the summer, men overtook me all day. And most importantly, everyone is looking at me, smiling, shouting something approving. I did not understand what was going on. I decided, they say, the heat affects people strangely. In the evening, she parked and noticed that they wrote to me in a car through the mud: “I love beer and football.” Here you have the hack for dating. © viktoria_volyk / Instagram
© Police Academy / Warner Bros  
  • The elevator doors open, I go out and hear the concierge shouting: “Where ?!” I look, the men carry some bags, but they saw me and they left me all. I ran after them, and they jumped out of the entrance, immediately jumped into a taxi and left. I am in my car, the gases behind them. So he chased several blocks, then at a traffic light he stopped a taxi driver, and it turned out that the dudes jumped out somewhere along the road. It’s a shame that they slipped away. But the adrenaline was crazy! When I just got right, after 2 months (well, it was very necessary!) I went to the neighboring town along the federal highway, shaking with horror. She clung to some passing truck slowly traveling along and all the way loyally behind it “nauseated”. Long-range and blinked to me that overtaking is free, and slowed down, and accelerated. In the end, he stopped and I stopped. Drove resolutely jumped out and went to deal with me. But, having made a closer look at me (my hair stood on end, my eyes bulged out, my tongue was bitten by tension, I grabbed the steering wheel like a man drowning in a straw), he simply started to laugh. He turned out to be a wonderful man, reassured me, treated me to coffee, said that now we will quietly go with him again by train, the main thing for me is to keep my distance and watch his rear lights. There is no need to be afraid to miss the necessary turn; he blinks an emergency light in front of him. And so he “brought” me to the desired turn, at a speed convenient for me. Vyacheslav, honey, I remember you with gratitude all these years! © StarushkaFreud / Pikabu
  • He took his brother and wife home. It’s dark outside, oncoming cars are blinding, an aunt jumped out under the wheels in an attempt to cross the road. After about 30 meters, another aunt ran out with bags across me and the oncoming bus almost point blank. By the way, there are no pedestrian crossings there. Well, okay, I slowed down, but on the bus everybody got it. Going further, the traffic light flashes and will soon turn red. I stop, the oncoming car also slows down. The climax: across the road neatly into the green, the rat waddles and impressively crosses, the usual gray rat, who apparently knows traffic rules. © HARDBALLNN52 / Pikabu
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  • Riding with my wife late in the evening in the city. We decided to stop by for a snack in a cafe. Then we leave it – there is no car. Hijacked. As a result, they found three youngsters. They were taken to the department, investigators questioned them, and they got out of the police and stole the car of the head of the traffic police! © Overheard
  • I somehow moonlighted as a taxi driver. Then a guy jumps up to me and, like in a movie, says: “Follow this car!” I was shocked, so I just drove in silence. We drove so half an hour. As a result, we stopped near McDonald’s. A girl with a suitcase on wheels gets out of that car and enters the building. My passenger throws me a bill with the words: “No change!” – and runs after it. I still think: they had drama or just wanted to eat. © redfity583 / Reddit

Sometimes on the roads there really are more abrupt situations than in the movies. And what unusual happened to you or your friends? Share with us in the comments.

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