19 Facts About Nutella Chocolate – ‎History of Chocolate

On February 5, fans of the most famous chocolate paste in the world celebrate World Nutella Day. Brand fans have been celebrating this day since 2007. They share photos on social networks, prepare various dishes on the basis of Nutella, write about their love for her and share recipes.

We at Be Best Friends believe that you don’t have to worry about the figure that day, so we’ll mark it with a Nutella sandwich and tell you the most interesting facts about it. But it is worth remembering that the norm recommended by Ferrero is 2 teaspoons of pasta per day.

19 Facts About Nutella Chocolate - ‎History of Chocolate
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Nutella was invented in Italy, and its predecessor was first called Giandujot. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry chef from Piedmont, invented chocolate paste after World War II, to which he added a lot of hazelnuts. In the post-war country, chocolate was tight, but there were a lot of nuts.

He sold it to confectioners, and initially the paste was solid and more like chocolate bars. The summer of 1946 turned out to be hot, the chocolate began to melt, and the enterprising owners of the pastry shops decided to try spreading it on the bread. It turned out very tasty. The new product was called Super Crema.

Pietro’s son, Michelle Ferrero, who adopted his father’s business, slightly modified the old recipe, and in 1964 coined the name Nutella and began to sell pasta to other countries. Germany and France were the first in Europe to love it.

50 years after the founding of the company, Michel Ferrero was recognized as the richest Italian and took 30th place in the list of the richest people in the world. He died on February 14, 2015, and now his widow is recognized as the richest Italian.

Worldwide Nutella sales are estimated at € 2 billion per year.

In 2007, Nutella entered the top 10 simple ideas that brought billions in revenue.

  • By the way, as conceived by the inventors, the name should be pronounced as “Newella.” But it seems that only Americans and French say so. Even in native Italian, the sound “u” is clearly heard.
  • Such popularity could not but affect the daily life of people. The French couple, fans of the brand, decided to give their daughter the name Nutella. They were sued, but not by the manufacturer, but by French officials. By law, they can go to court if they encounter strange decisions by their parents. By court order it was forbidden to call the girl like that. This was justified by the fact that the child will be subjected to ridicule. It was recommended to give the baby the name Ella.
19 Facts About Nutella Chocolate - ‎History of Chocolate
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All Nutella cans have the same design, but in Italy it may be different. For a long time, the Italian version was produced in the form of a glass. Now it is also a bank of characteristic shape, but sometimes decorated in the colors of the national flag. Connoisseurs believe that the Italian version of pasta is the most delicious in the world. But the company has never made official statements about this.

19 Facts About Nutella Chocolate - ‎History of Chocolate
  • However, according to statistics, the country in which they eat the most chocolate paste is not Italy at all. This is France. Every year, the French consume 1 kg of Nutella per person.
  • This fact was concerned about the Minister of Ecology of France, which in 2015 stated that Italian pasta is unsafe for the health of citizens. She believed that sales should be prohibited, because palm oil, which is part of it, is harmful, and they extract it, causing damage to nature. But the European Parliament recognized the oil used in pasta as “sustainable”, that is, a high-quality product.
  • A jar of dessert weighing 5 kg is not a myth. But such a volume is quite rare and is used mainly by confectionery companies. In addition, you can make a special order for a can of paste weighing 20 kg.
19 Facts About Nutella Chocolate - ‎History of Chocolate

  • When the first Nutella bar was opened in Chicago in 2013 to get there, people lined up in a huge queue. The bar serves pancakes, branded bread, pastries, and the place is incredibly popular now. Each week, visitors eat more than 100 kg of pasta and 15,000 pancakes.
  • It is believed that if you take all the Nutella banks that were issued in 1 day and put them on top of each other, you get a tower with a height of 160 km. This is equal to the height of 492 Eiffel towers.
  • Ferrero is one of the few family-owned companies whose owners know little. They avoid unnecessary mention in the press, rarely give interviews, their personal photos are very difficult to find on the network.
  • Although the ingredients of the paste are well known to everyone, the exact recipe is kept in strict confidence.
  • The production of pasta is precisely calibrated, so it is believed that each jar is the same in appearance and taste and contains 50 nuts.
  • The annual holiday Nutella was invented and established by American blogger Sara Rosso.
  • Nutella fans always come up with new ways to eat their favorite pasta – from the familiar to the most original. For example, there are recipes in which pasta is spread on a hot dog.

Do you like Nutella? Prefer a classic combination with white bread or do you have other options?

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