35 Year Old Mother of 10 Children Told Why She Can Not Imagine Life Outside a Large Family

In the modern world, a large family is a phenomenon that begins to occur less and less. Courtney Rogers is 35 years old and has 10 children. The people around her always have a lot of questions and sometimes not very tactful.

For Be Best Friends readers, Courtney answered many questions and also explained why having a big family is happiness for her and something supernatural for some others.

My husband and I have 10 children, and all of them have a small age difference. We have both ordinary twins and the so-called Irish twins, when children are born with a difference of less than 12 months or one year.

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My husband and I are the oldest in our large families (6 and 10 children). We talked about children before marriage, but I do not think that I ever wanted to have a certain number of babies. I remember that my husband offered 10 because his mother had the same amount. I grinned and said that I was already too old for this. As a result, my oldest child was born shortly before I turned 26 years old.

Fate must have heard our dialogue with her husband, and in just 10 years of marriage, we had 10 children, the last of which was born recently (a girl, by the way). “Is it tiring to constantly be pregnant?” They often ask me. Fortunately, my body copes well with pregnancy and, believe it or not, I am still delighted with every positive test. However, our family and friends can no longer be surprised, because everyone around us has long been used to it. My husband is also not particularly surprised, because this is a normal part of our entire marriage. I am sure that this will sound foreign to most people, but a few years without pregnancy would be extremely unusual for us.

Of course, managing so many kids has its own difficulties. Even if sometimes they drive me crazy, I can’t imagine myself happy doing something else. In addition to constantly changing diapers, searching for more than one nanny at a time, ordering more than one hotel room, you also need to be able to drive a 15-seater van, wash tons of linen, regularly clean up and so on.

Oh, and how many comments I get daily from different people! Many situations in our life are like jokes. Comments like “You must have plenty of worries” when I walk with only two or three children always seem funny to me. If they only knew! Once I was walking with two daughters and they asked me: “Maybe now the boy?” What was their surprise when I had to tell them that I already have 6 boys. There are not the most pleasant moments, because people have different reactions. Once they asked me: “Are your children all from one man?” Or: “So many children! This is awful! ”

One of the big advantages of the small difference in the age of children is about one level of their development and interests. Thanks to this, they usually play well together and enjoy doing the same things with pleasure. Another thing that I really like is the indescribable excitement we experience at Christmas, birthdays, and family trips. I hope that my children will grow up, remembering all the fun and good chaos in which we bathe all together.

Sometimes we are asked if we plan to have more children. Fair? I dont know. Due to the complete presentation of the placenta and problems with the umbilical cord during my double pregnancy, I had to do 2 cesarean sections. Fortunately, I found an excellent team of midwives in the hospital of our university. I am sure that now I am one of their regular customers, and the employees even recognize me and my card.

Some people have expressed concern about my health. In general, my pregnancy passed without complications. However, I know that anything can happen in the future, and if other complications arise, we will wisely consider our family planning options.

Until then, I think we will continue to take them when they come, and celebrate every positive pregnancy test and unique little life that it brings. Children are truly a blessing.

What is your attitude to large families and would you decide to take such a step yourself?

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