7 Signs Flight Attendants Will Evaluate You When Boarding

Profiling – compiling and evaluating a psychological portrait of an air passenger – does not end at customs. Having passed through the security service, you get on board the plane, where the most interesting is just beginning. Smiling beautiful stewardesses are actually walking scanners that can distinguish a share-boy from a rowdy by looking the passenger in the eye. Let’s 7 signs flight attendants

We at Be Best Friends found out about 7 signs by which flight attendants rate us.

1. The flight attendant will pay close attention to you if you do not greet

7 Signs Flight Attendants Will Evaluate You When Boarding

You are not just greeted when boarding a plane: this is part of the test. If it’s even difficult for you to grunt “hello” in response, then you should not contact you even during a force majeure situation. This is exactly what the flight attendant will think and will be right, because the return greeting demonstrates friendly intentions and the absence of hostility, and such a person will become an excellent assistant on occasion.

2. Do not look into the eyes

7 Signs Flight Attendants Will Evaluate You When Boarding

The flight attendant carefully looks into the eyes of passengers, welcoming them aboard the aircraft. If the passenger does not look in the eye, then this is an occasion to beware. The technology is simple: a naughty schoolboy averts his eyes, having done a prank, and an adult – having done or conceived something bad. At the same time, the flight attendant will not rely solely on this and suspect anyone who looks away: this is only one of the signs that betray a passenger who is extremely uncomfortable.

3. If you have a pale face and red nose

7 Signs Flight Attendants Will Evaluate You When Boarding

Before boarding a plane in case of suspected illness, airport employees may ask the passenger to provide a doctor’s certificate stating that the disease is not dangerous for others and is not transmitted by airborne droplets. But a sniffing, coughing, but coughing, but knocked down temperature person who reported that he had “just an allergy to cats”, they might let them into the plane. For the flight attendant, this is a headache, because he will have to give such a passenger increased attention, politely take an interest in his state of health, and, if necessary, and look for a new place for him – away from indignant healthy flight companions.

4. You will have leaflets or booklets in your hands

7 Signs Flight Attendants Will Evaluate You When Boarding

Maybe, as soon as the plane reaches altitude, you will aggressively agitate for world peace, alarming the rest of the passengers? The main task of the flight attendant is to make the flight safe and comfortable. Therefore, excited passengers in a hurry to share their wisdom and discoveries with others, for them a real nightmare in reality.

5. If you use a lot of interjections or chatter when answering a question

Hesitation and interjection give out signs of anxiety. A cause for concern will be a too high speech speed or, conversely, a slowed pace. This is how attackers who try to hide their intentions behave. Of course, this does not mean that if you do not answer quickly and with a well-posed announcer’s voice the question of whether you prefer meat or fish, then you will be suspected of something, but slurred speech will definitely make the flight attendant take a closer look at you.

6. Have a physique of Apollo

If a stewardess looks at your biceps with a smile, she doesn’t do this because she finally waited for such a handsome man and cannot stop looking at her, although this is also possible. In fact, she identified you as a potential assistant. You will come in handy if you need to calm a violent passenger, help an elderly lady throw her hand luggage on the top shelf or open an emergency exit. More than strongmen, flight attendants rejoice only at the presence of doctors, rescuers and pilots on board.

7. If you are too fussy

7 Signs Flight Attendants Will Evaluate You When Boarding

Scratching the head and wrists, tension of the facial muscles, coughing, stiffness in movements, nodding and shaking the head, frequent changes in posture, along with other non-verbal signs indicate that the person is trying to hide something, maybe even plotting something. Smiles and mockery give out a state of excessive excitement. Such passengers, as well as those who firmly squeeze their armrest, may need help, they will show more attention and patience. A person in an unstable mental state is calculated immediately, remember his place in the cabin and carefully monitor him. Indeed, excessive anxiety can develop into aggressive actions, and this will affect flight safety.

In conclusion, we repeat once again that profiling is not conclusions about a single word or action, but a set of methods for assessing and predicting behavior. Our safety depends on the attentiveness and ability of flight attendants to draw conclusions. Agree, for the sake of this you can withstand a gaze, say hello and smile to smile. Have you ever flown with strange passengers?

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