How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman

Not everyone, by nature, has an innate sense of style and beauty. My name is Julia, and I am just one of those people who did not have enough. Fortunately, nothing is impossible: you can learn to combine things correctly and choose outfits that hide flaws and emphasize advantages. The main thing is to know the basic rules and follow them.

I never knew how to choose clothes, so I always dressed as discreetly and monotonously. But in the end, I’m tired of it.

We at Be Best Friends decided that striving for the ideal is possible and even necessary. Therefore, I volunteered to participate in the experiment: my task was to diversify my wardrobe a bit – on my own, without stylists. It was permissible only occasionally to browse the Internet for clues. I checked on myself in which clothes you can look perfect and in which not so, and now I can give a couple of tips that really work.

As a bonus at the end of the article, I will tell you what else, besides choosing clothes, this experiment unexpectedly taught me.

So, I went to the store (and more than once) and started trying on, if not everything, then a lot. And that’s what I found.

How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman
  • They say that a vertical strip makes you slim, and a horizontal one, on the contrary, makes you fat. But the theory of the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz claims that a square consisting of horizontal lines seems to be higher than it is, and a square consisting of vertical lines is wider. And indeed, it seems that the transverse strip is far from always full. For me, this was a real discovery that threatens to significantly expand my wardrobe.
How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman

Stylists say: choose clothes by size. Small clothes give out all the shortcomings: in the most unnecessary places, the fabric is stretched, shortened and folds. I tried on the same dress of different sizes. And I realized: half of the clothes from my wardrobe should be thrown out because she sits right on me.

Color illusion

How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman
  • It is known that with the help of color you can visually change the proportions of the body. For example, in black we usually look slimmer, since the irradiation effect works here: dark tones absorb light and thereby visually reduce the volume. This effect is remarkably visible in the photograph. A wide horizontal strip on the belt, according to all the rules, should fill up. But, having put on this dress, I was amazed at how thin the waist seems.
How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman
  • Black shoes are considered a classic, but with flesh colored tights, shoes of nude shades look more profitable, since they visually lengthen the leg. The tone on tone effect works here: if you choose shoes and tights in the same color scheme, then the leg and shoes seem to be transformed into a single whole. This gives the impression that the legs are slightly longer than they really are. I tried on black and beige shoes: black heels are 2.5 times higher, but in beige legs really look better.
How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman
  • According to the theory of the same Hermann von Helmholtz, a square bounded by dark stripes above and below seems to be higher than a square bounded by white stripes. Therefore, it is better not to wear a dress or skirt with a black stripe on the hem with black tights: everything will merge and it will seem that the dress ended on a white stripe that is higher. This will optically “steal” part of the body, and as a result you will be shorter and wider than you wanted. I always thought that black color automatically adds harmony. But it turned out that in the same dress you can look taller and slimmer if you just wear beige tights.
How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman
  • I knew that the transverse strip is fat. Any. Bu it turns out, there are nuances: the wide band works roughly – it does not hide flaws, it adds massiveness to the silhouette. But a thin horizontal strip perfectly narrows, emphasizes the silhouette and hides bumps and bulges. I tried on a dress with a wide strip – it did not add grace to me. But the second was narrow. Having put it on, I understood: all the stories that the striped one is fat are lies. See how beneficial it is to use the thin strips to emphasize the chest and narrow the hips, as well as mask everything that you want to hide.
How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman
  • A midi skirt can make the silhouette taller and more elegant. But this length is very insidious for short ladies. Midi dresses and skirts need to be worn correctly, and the best and most reliable way not to get lost with such a length is to wear high-heeled shoes, and higher. The photographs clearly show that with a heel such a skirt looks much more advantageous than without.
How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman
  • The lines that converge to the center of the figure visually narrow the waist and expand the upper and lower torso. Due to the effect of the opposite, the optical illusion of Müller-Layer arises, and voila in such clothes we seem slimmer and taller. Indeed, in a straight coat, the figure does not look elegant. Therefore, when I want to look more feminine, I put on a black fitted coat.
How to Dress Correctly Fashion Experience for Woman
  • Vertical contrasting stripes on the sides are an ideal way to make the figure visually slimmer. In this case, the optical illusion works flawlessly: the stripes remarkably narrow the figure and hide the volume. And if the inserts are curved, the figure will take the form of an hourglass. Perhaps every woman needs a dress of this type: she will make a magnificent lady slimmer, and, if necessary, she will “draw” a more prominent figure if necessary.

This experiment has opened up a lot for me. Definitely, after that, without fear I will buy clothes in a thin horizontal strip and think about how to purchase a dress with contrasting inserts on the sides. The desire to buy clothes a size smaller, I am ready to say a solid “no”, but shoes in nude shades – only “yes.”

In addition, it turned out that trying on clothes of new styles, colors and styles is simply necessary – it is useful to look at yourself from a different angle and understand that some images are quite suitable for you too, and not just models from glossy magazines.

Bonus: a selfie in the fitting room helps to avoid spontaneous failed purchases

Selfies in the dressing room are an ideal way to avoid spontaneous purchases, which are often unsuccessful. Taking pictures in each new image, you can look at yourself from the outside and understand whether a thing is suitable or not. And in the case of the selection of a new wardrobe this is a necessity.

What do you think of this experiment? Maybe you have your own life hacks for choosing clothes and are you ready to share them?

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