Netizens Talked About Cases Where Intuition Inexplicably Saved the Lives of Them and Their Loved Ones

All of us have heard more than once about people who survived only due to the fact that at the last moment they canceled their trip or changed the route and thus avoided the subsequent disaster. The sixth sense, inner voice, intuition or the help of a guardian angel – people call it differently, but even scientists do not doubt the existence of such a phenomenon as intuition.

The editorial board of Be Best Friends has gotten goosebumps of stories about how an intuitively made decision saved the life of a person or his relatives.

  • I had a hunch that I had to get my wallet and phone out of my purse. In less than 20 seconds, they robbed me. A man dragged me through the sidewalk and stole my handbag, but all he got was a box of juice and a contraceptive. @guessthisis_me / Reddit
  • Mom took my 3-year-old brother to the garden, but she had a terrible feeling that something was wrong. She left work, returned there and found that while the children frolic in the pool, the teacher was asleep. My brother never returned to this place. @TennisBabel / Reddit
  • I was going to meet a woman to buy a phone from her. I had a strange feeling while driving to a meeting. I called her, but for some reason a man answered, pretending to be a woman, and in the background some voices were heard. I did not stop the car and drove past the appointed place. I am sure that I saved myself at least from a robbery and still got a good lesson: you should only meet strangers in crowded places. @ number1earner / Reddit
  • About 10 years ago I worked as a security guard. After the night shift, I decided not to change clothes and went straight home in uniform, but along the way I had to refuel. Only 2 gas stations worked at night, the first I accidentally drove and drove into the second. But I didn’t like something, although it was quiet there and I did not see anyone there except their employee. For some reason, I decided to return to the gas station that I drove. When I drove past that second quiet gas station again, I saw that the road was blocked by 3 police cars. It turned out there was a robbery. The robber shot at a policeman, but got into body armor. And the owner of the gas station knocked him out with a bat. In the place of a policeman, I could be in my beautiful uniform with shiny buttons, but without body armor. @ kd5nrh / Reddit
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  • At the very end of the 90s, he returned after studies around 11-12 pm, buses no longer ran. I am walking along the alley along the hostel, and suddenly I wanted to go over, so that there was a whistle in my ears. He did not resist the desire and rushed from his place, as if to a distance. And after a couple of seconds, screams from behind: “Wait, you bastard!” – and stomp. But since I started it much earlier, I came off without difficulty. And since then I try to listen to my desires, sometimes helps out. @ kk0s0y / picabu
  • Everyone who drives a lot has their own story about how intuition saved their lives. A couple of years ago, I drove to Corolla in Moscow at night, taking a passenger. It pours like a bucket, real rivers flow along the asphalt, and the speed is at most 60. I see Nissan X-Trail in front of me, also in no hurry, and roll with an interval of 150 meters. Solnechnogorsk, traffic lights. At first I get up for Nissan. Started off, the next traffic light. I stand behind him again. The next one – and for no reason, I suddenly decide to change lanes to the left, although I’m not going to drive. The cars freeze in front of the stop line … A squeal of brakes, a blow – and the Scania container ship flies to my right, folding the X-Trail on the front doors. Trucker dozed off the wheel. If I stood there on my empty cutter, there would be no wet place left from us. No one was hurt at Nissan – father and son were sitting in the front seats. @Misantroppy / Pikabu
  • In 2004, my family and I were in Sri Lanka and decided to go to the south of the island. At the last moment, my mother did not want to go there – for no reason. Therefore, we have chosen a different direction. Soon our whole family sat in shock in front of the TV, watching how the very hotel that we had booked in the south of the island was washed away by the tsunami live. @ MissingInAction21 / Reddit
  • Without any explanation, mom canceled our first vacation. The decision was made at the last minute, when the suitcases were already packed. And that is why I did not die aboard the Scandinavian Star ferry in 1990. Thanks, mom. @Blinkskij / Reddit
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  • I was returning home with a large group of friends. It was night already, almost no one was on the streets. One girl from our company was distracted by the phone and lagged behind, and only I noticed it. We walked along the sidewalk along high fences, and when we turned a corner, it was not visible. I noticed a car that drove past us and turned around the corner from where we got out. I had a bad feeling and returned. The car spun around and began to approach the girl from behind. She still hung on the phone and did not notice anything. I quickly went to her. The driver noticed me and rushed off. I still feel uneasy that we could have grabbed it, but we would never have known. It would be like in a movie when you turn around and there’s nobody in the back. @littlehappyfeets / Reddit
  • I was traveling from Sydney to Canberra with a friend. She was sleeping in the passenger seat. It was night, dark. We went up the hill, and when we got to the top, a very loud voice suddenly shouted: “STOP !!!” I immediately pressed the brakes. A cow stood right in the middle of the road. My friend woke up in a fright, looked around and sleepily asked: “How did you know you need to stop?” – “Didn’t you shout“ stop “?” – “No. I slept soundly! ”If I had not stopped, we would have surely died that night. @Lee J. Collier / Quora
  • One afternoon, when I was at home with my 2-year-old child, I went upstairs to take a quick shower. I was in the bathroom for only a few minutes, when suddenly for no reason the thought pierced me: “Where is your child?” I left the bathroom, water flowed from me. I called him, but there was no answer. “FIND IT NOW!” – the inner voice repeated. For a reason that I still cannot explain, I put on my bathrobe, ran downstairs and flew out into the street, barely covered and wet. Once outside, I saw my baby at the end of the block: he was trying to cross our busy street. @Dani Rob / Quora
  • In my youth, for some reason, I became very afraid of escalators. This went on for about six months. Once my husband and I were at rush hour at the station, and I saw that someone was going to go on the escalator with a man in a wheelchair. Then I chose the usual staircase, and my husband laughed at me and drove off. Of course, when the wheelchair reached the end, it got stuck, and the exit from the escalator, full of people, was blocked. The crush began. Husband, fortunately, guessed to jump over the handrails onto the stairs. Meanwhile, I ran downstairs, went to the foot of the escalator and turned it off. I knew how to do this, as I worked in a large store. The escalator stopped and the crush stopped. I think that half a year of wary attitude to escalators prepared me for this case. @Betty DeSapio / Quora
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  • I had a teacher who taught in a classroom next to the room where they studied woodworking. The walls between the classes were very thin. During the lesson, the teacher suddenly felt that something was wrong, so he moved away from the place where he stood. In less than a second, a few fragments flew where his head had just been. It turned out that some student could not cope with the circular saw and its tip flew off, breaking through the wall. @ NovaEclipse250 / Reddit
  • The intuition of my senior colleague saved me. It was a normal working day, I was very tired and decided to go to the store to buy a can of Red Bull. I asked a colleague if he also wanted to, because there was an action. He refused, but as soon as I went out, he said: “Wait.” I asked what happened, but he only ordered me to wait a bit without explaining why. I snapped, but as soon as I pushed the door out, I heard a sound that I could not even describe – it was a terrible blow. It turns out that the SUV drove right into the door of this store and into the refrigerator with Red Bull. That colleague always enraged me, but I will never forget the time he saved my life. @Perijil / Reddit
  • I was waiting for a train at the station to go home. I had time before boarding, so I decided to go to the cafe. A man entered there. There was nothing suspicious about him: he was not aggressive and did not even look at me, but something told me that I needed to stay away from him. I suggested that he was probably about to catch the same train as me. This hunch was so strong that I caught another train, which left 15 minutes later and followed a longer route. In the middle of the road we stopped for almost an hour. Finally, they explained to us that the police had blocked our line, because on the train right in front of us (the one I was supposed to ride on), a man pulled out a gun and threatened the passengers. Fortunately, in the end, no one was hurt, but he tried to take the woman hostage. The next day, a photograph of a man with a gun appeared in the newspaper – the man I saw in a cafe. @Anonimous / Quora
  • My wife and I had lunch at a restaurant when a large family with children and grandmother entered it. They were given a table to my left. He was on a small elevated platform. I suddenly had a very clear vision of how my grandmother stumbles and falls. With lateral vision he noticed that her left heel did not reach the floor. In the blink of an eye, I jumped out of the chair and hugged her tightly, holding her upright. The family heard her screech when she began to fall, and, turning around, they saw that I was holding her. They did not immediately understand what was happening. Grandmother exclaimed: “I was falling, but he caught me! Thank you, young man, since my husband died, nobody hugged me so tightly. ” @Bill Lipe / Quora

Have you ever had times when you listened to your intuition and did not lose?

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